The Square Ball

The Square Ball 2020 Calendar

Someone very close to The Square Ball was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, and to celebrate the success of their treatment and recovery, we’ve decided to try raising some money to help others do the same, with our 2020 TSB Charity Calendar.

Our stylish A3 Calendar could be adorning your wall all through the year, with absolutely no chance of turning to a new month and finding we’ve sold the featured player because of FFP. Thanks to all our superbly talented designers for donating their work free of charge.

100% of the profits from our 2020 Calendar will be donated to the Leeds Cancer Centre and the Breast Cancer Action Group. As football fans we go in hard and go in high, with our #StudsUpToCancer

No Frank Lampards were hurt or upset in the making of this Calendar. Sadly.

The Leeds Cancer Centre is one of the largest cancer centres in the UK and provides diagnosis and treatment to patients throughout Yorkshire. Funds raised will pay for vital equipment, helping patient support services or accommodation for families during their loved-one’s stay in hospital. Larger donations will also pay for research posts which will help ease NHS budgets.